Tajana and Zlatni Rat Excursions, Medulin

For these clients we have designed a logo that represents the excellence of this company. We fit the logo on the deck of the ship, which we covered with quality foil that is suitable for sea conditions. In addition, we made a fun board with a window for instagram selfies for all people, no matter the age. Branding to your guests and users of your services tell you to be consistent in your message, to take care of details, to invest in yourself and your business, which all can be seen from afar as well. Over time, as brand value grows and awareness of it grows in the minds of consumers, just one element of your visual identity is enough to create a certain feeling, desire for your products and “tie” them to what you offer.

Client: Tajana & Zlatni Rat Excursions
Date: 24. November 2021.
Services: Logo Design, Flyer Design, Vehicle Branding, Instagram Table, Print and Layout